Stuck Drone

Stuck Drone ? – Introducing Drone Line

Here’s a quick and simple tool for getting stuck drones out of trees or hard to reach places

Drones are like magnets to trees and high up places. That’s why we designed Drone Line to successfully recover ours and now many of our customers drones too

Each kit comes with a 100ft high strength line and a superbly hand made weighted 250g bag which is ideal for swinging or throwing into hard to reach places

An instruction manual is also provided along with tips on drone recovery

Sruck Drone ?

Made in the UK from quality materials that will last for years

How to use

It’s easy to deploy

Toss the bag over the branch that your drone is on, the bag will fall to the ground on its own or a few whips of the cord, allowing you to hold both ends of the cord and shake your stuck drone free.


An instruction manual is provided along with tips for recovering a lost or stuck drone

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Drone Line is shipped worldwide

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